How to make images turn

Hey Everyone,
If you look at this gif:
You’ll see the mouse image turns with the player. I’m trying to make this happen with my story game. My layout is this:


and my image looks like this: dsdffgsddf

I’m basically trying to make it so that when the player turns, they can still see the image.

Thanks for any help!

Look for the rotation property inside of the image. Chnage this to 15 etc and itll change the rotation

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I mean, is it possible so that when the player moves they can see the image when they’re behind it, currently, you can only see the mouse image if your infront of the cat, not if your at the side or behind, I mean so that the images moves with the player. Like in the gif.

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Maybe they used WorldToScreenPoint?

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I’ve looked at it and I don’t really understand it as I’m not very good with vector’s or cframes.

It’s a BillboardGui. Check the developer hub for usage


Oh yeah, I was using a surface Gui. Thanks.