How to make Infinity ability of Gojo

Hello developers. I am making an arena game that contains a lot of characters along with Gojo. and Gojo haves that “Infinity” ability. the ability is an passive ability.

infinity in projectiles
infinity in normal attacks

let me explain that passive. if you are about to getting attacked, your enemy’s animation will be literally slowed to 0 until they leave your infinity range, as you can see it on the link.

I think I can make projectiles like if it the hitbox touches to a player hastag infinity then projectile anchored = true but i want to hear your help too.

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you could get the distance of every place and the closer they are to you, the slower their animations will play, and lessen the velocity of every unanchored part the closer they are to you (kinda complicated)

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Ok but i dont know how to slow animations.

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its cool but how can i get an animationtrack of a playing animation?

Could use GetPlayingAnimationTracks, make a table for the animationtracks and run GetPlayingAnimationTracks on the humanoid

Here’s the documentation for that


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