How to make invisible objects in explorer?

everyone know that there are services in explorer hided or invisible, is there a possible way to do that with a plugin ? i mean services like runService, UserInputService, and…


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If you go in Studio and go to Studio Settings you can enable ‘Show Hidden Objects in Explorer’ and it’ll show all of the hidden stuff. I just found about that myself yesterday. That toggle should be in in studio settings -> studio -> Explorer

just do game.<TheServiceName>
CoreGui is a hidden Service but like @somedeviser you can see all the services hide

i mean enabling them by a script, i want to make a plugin to hide a object

well, you can’t hide object but you can move them in a hidden service

D: i want to make a gui be hidden something like roblox’s selection

Try this (don’t forget to destroy the gui when the plugin is unloaded otherwise it gets stuck on the player screen)

   local gui = here-the-gui-boject
    gui.Parent = game.CoreGui

You cannot hide objects like that

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thank you so much i forget that!

This seems malicious. May I ask why you want a gui to be invisible? This seems like something a backdoor would use.

i want to make a plugin for a better control over gui design

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Okay. Good luck with your plugin!

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