How to make it so the terrain grows but avoids any parts

Hey there guys!

Me and some other devs are working on a car driving game based in the country of Bangladesh, featuring it’s newly developed bridge, the Padma Bridge.

However we’re not all too familiar with terrain and it’s causing us some problems.

Currently, our flat terrain doesnt always match the slope/angle of the road so we have to raise it in some areas.

This does prove tricky as the terrain is always going through the road parts which is frustrating.

Is there a way to grow the terrain so it avoids any parts?

We would really appreciate help with this since it’s a major roadblock (hehe) to our development at the moment. We’ve tried some part to terrain but the complexity of the road system makes it hard to do.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!


There is a toggle for Ignore Parts on the editor, not sure if this achieves what you need though.

Hi there!

May I recommend using the Part-to-Terrian plugin? This may help you guys get the exact specific placement you are looking for.

Already tried sir, it didnt get us anywhere because we have LOTS of roads and a very complex road system.