How to make likes goal meter like from BIG Games?

Hello everybody, i’ve seen games that using “likes goal meter”, when the like’s counter can update by current game votes.

The live likes counter in game “My Restaurant!”:

Anyone have idea how to make something similiar?

I tried to use but nothing worked, script returns error: "HttpService is not allowed to access ROBLOX resources".

Thanks for reading.

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I’m not completely sure, but I think they made a third-party server that proxies, such as, to retrieve the likes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a community tutorial on the DevForum.

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ohh… nvm. It looks like you are trying to access how many likes your game has. I misread it. That one probably does use a 3rd party like the post above says


You could use datastores. That is likely what is being used for the example above. Depending on the exact use case though, memoryservice might also work.

1 Like Interesting… Anyways, there’s no tutorial on the whole internet how to make something like that.

Unfortunately, I lack knowledge to make that work, but there’s tutorials on how to hook up Roblox’s API to an external service. You just need to know the correct API to use for it.

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Alright, that’s fine. Thanks for help? I will try to get better in API technologies.

Try something like RoProxy, I think it’s what you’re looking for. You can use ROBLOX API through it without it being blocked. Works the same as ROBLOX’s API but you replace with I’ll give an example below. - A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

2 Likes is not secure so I would not use it, use something else like heroku.

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Pretty sure there won’t be too much, if any, sensitive data going through, so I’m not sure that’s much if a problem there (unless I’m wrong about the parameters needed to access this API).

Is the API endpoint you’re looking for, replace ‘1’ with the ID of your universe (can be accessed via ‘game.GameId’).

Yes but…


Yes, did you read the HttpService documentation beforehand? Requests to pages belonging to the ‘’ domain are blocked. You need to renavigate the request through a proxy instead.

Search ‘devforum proxy’ in any web browser and you should be able to find several that are still operational.

welp, i just checked the last message first… okay thanks