How to make local play player anim

How can I make that animation appear only on that localplayer?


Do you mean you want an animation for the local player to play for just them on their own character? or on another object? If you want it on another object that’s pretty straight forward, just setup a local script to load the animation into the humanoid in question, and play it when desired.

If you want to get an animation to play for just the local player AND it’s on the local player’s character, then that could be a bit more tricky since players load their animations and that gets replicated up to the server automatically. I am not sure if you can just do this with the animator itself, but what you can try is to make a temporary new character from a local script when you want to run the animation, then replace the real character with the temporary one while the animation is running, and replace back once it’s completed.

Can it be done with SetNetworks

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You mean the :SetNetworkOwner() and :SetNetworkOwnershipAuto()? I don’t believe these will help in your use case as the player character network ownership is automatically set to the player, I’m not sure what would happen if you removed their ownership, but it’s definatly something you can give a shot!