How to make LookVector on server be faithful to client?

Hey! I’m trying to make a knockback system, but the hitbox is made in the server, so (at the moment .Touched is fired) I can’t get current humanoid root part’s LookVector. I certainly get the respective LookVector, but some delayed (so, the player now is looking to another direction).

This used to work back when my hitbox was in a local script (so I’d fire a remote with the LookVector to server on the .Touched moment), but it is unsafe so I made it server-sided; I also tried humanoidRootPart:SetNetworkOwner(player) (which isn’t very smart, since humanoidRootPart should already be network-owned by its respective player) but it didn’t work either.

Does anyone have experience on this or knows how to fix it? Thank you for reading!

ok will let you know when the fix that