How to make Low FPS / Blocky Style Animation

Hi There :smiley:, Recently I’ve seen a lot of good games using this LOW fps style animation, like Dingus, or Phighting, but I haven’t seen anything on how to make them, so I decided to make a tutorial on this.

                                      **STEP 1**

First off, Make your animation normally, it doesn’t matter if it’s made in Studio, Moon Animator, or Blender.
Once your animation is made, Import it into Roblox’s Animator. It should look like this:

                                      **STEP 2**

Now, Set your Animation Frame Rate to 30. Then right click on each Frame, and click Add Keyframe Here. Now select all the keyframes, right click, and set easing style to NONE Like This: (note, the less key frames you add, the more blocky it will be.

                                      *STEP 3**

Thats it. Your done, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful.

Better view:


Thanks, I needed this. Very Helpful for any sort of 8 bit type games / emotes!


thank you, i didnt think anyone actually used this tutorial since there isnt a single comment lol


Who knows :person_shrugging:

Someone might find this at a random time and find it useful!

Most (if not all) of the animations in my game will be using this style, this tutorial is really handy!


That’s a really good tutorial. i would love to try something like this.

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