How to make low poly games

I’m interested in how people make low poly games and models. Can anybody tell me?


Blender would help you out a lot. Most people who create low poly assets tend to use blender. If you don’t know how to use blender, I recommend you learn it as almost everyone who creates low poly assets uses blender.


Using blender can help and don’t use materials/textures.

I’m assuming you’re referring to a cartoony art style. Certain models are created through a 3D modeling software known as “blender” this could be accomplished inside studio without using alternative softwares with the use of material and bright color pallet low poly games - models are normally produced inside a software.

If you were just looking how to accomplish a more cartoony look or feel, you could use a 3D software to make different models to export them into studio if you’re referring to a cartoony build this would be done by using bright/ vibrant colors and use of the plastic material. There are a few threads going into details about ways to accomplish this certain style:

Usually, just like the other recent posts, I also recommend using Blender, since it’s an easier and most likely too to create low-ploy assets. Also, when trying to use Roblox Studio, try to make the parts smooth plastic, since those parts would fit with the game itself.

Well, technically low poly means no textures. Put every part’s material on “SmoothPlastic”. That way it should be low poly.