How to make Meshes look aesthatically pleasing?

Hey all,

I’ve just started using blender and I want to make some aesthetically pleasing meshes however once I’ve created them they look kind of odd… Compared to some others in roblox games. Most notably simulators.

Are there any ways to make my models look like some in simulators, Advice or techniques?

thanks in advance

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Try using bevel modifier on the treadmills on the bottom, mark some edges sharp, or autosmooth because they look like jello shaded smooth entirely. Also the spikes are a questionable design choice (especially on a treadmill) in my opinion.
Also if you can, try to make everything rounded and soft like cocomelon.

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After searching some of these up they really do look like something that will help me in the future!
btw I’m trying to make the treadmills look varying in difficulty which is why there are spikes.

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