How to make minimap?

Hi, I have problem, that I need to make minimap of region, but I have no idea how, and how to easily include player position on it (including orientation).


This plugin will create the GUI map.

The description of the mini-map creator will provide a tutorial as well. I recommend you watch it.


and can it include terrain? (quite big terrain (10 000x10 000))

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Here’s a video for a minimap:


If you want terrain, your only choice would be to make a top-down screenshot of your workspace and move that image around while keeping the center at the camera’s position.


I have used this plugin before and it can’t include terrain. There is this useful minimap creator that can include terrain, as well as this one.

For @TOP_Crundee123’s video, I probably wouldn’t recommend using it for large maps since it uses ViewportFrames and they can ruin performance, and it can’t get terrain.

For positioning a player, you will basically have to treat the world as an XZ plane for the minimap. I made my own minimap in this place here.

Here’s the code I used for it:


local baseplate = workspace.Baseplate
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local character = player.Character
local hrp = character.HumanoidRootPart
local rs = game:GetService('RunService')

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera

	local angle = math.atan2(hrp.CFrame.lookVector.x, hrp.CFrame.lookVector.z)
	local degrees = math.ceil(math.abs(math.deg(angle)-180))
	local basePos = baseplate.Position
	local baseSize = baseplate.Size
	local playerPos = hrp.Position
	local position = ((playerPos - basePos)/512)*2
	local v2_position =, position.z)
	local radar = script.Parent
	local Ppos = radar.Frame
	Ppos.Rotation = degrees
	Ppos.Position =, -15+(v2_position.x*95), 0.5, -15+(v2_position.y*95))

You could maybe use this as a basis for making minimaps like Jailbreak’s


I need map as this

(I added link, because idk how to upload image on mobile, so sry if I did anything wrong)


The only thing the plugins can do that I mention is generate a picture of the minimap. For the rest of the on-screen ui, you’ll need to create them yourself or use an external photo-editing program, like KeyNote or Adobe Photoshop


sry, i saw you answerd up…

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