How to make mirror in Roblox Studio

Recently, I was interested in the mirror created by SamsonXVI for Camping 2 and Hotel. I was curious how he did it. Is there anyone who know how to do this mechanism?


There is something called a ViewportFrame (see ViewportFrame). This allows you to display a 3D camera output on a 2D surface.


Doubt that is a ViewportFrame, considering how it doesn’t have any artifacts around. It is possible that it is using a trick of mimic character and that there’s a room in the other side, which is the mirror of the one you’re standing in. This method is more traditional to mirrors but costs a little room to use.


I think that you are probably right. The thing is that I have never actually used ViewportFrames that much, so I do not know if they are detailed or not. Litterally mirroring the character is probably the most clean solution for a mirror effect if the ViewportFrame produces unwanted artifacts.

the roblox metaverse hub’s portals use viewport frames. You can examine them to see how they would appear ingame

I also wanted to ask about these portals thanks