How to make money system with 4 currencies

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    Working money system with 4 currencies

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    idk how to do this

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you just do a dataStoreService and save them there :person_shrugging:

Bro i am new in scripting i dont even know what datastoreservice is

you must learn scripting first, dont try to make games without knowing scripting, search in the internet.

maybe this video might help you how to make data you can save to each player

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Bro i tried learning scripting but i just cant

This isn’t a place for spoonfeeding

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Start doing small by small, experiment the codes and understand them. Do not after you watched tutorials you go straight do hard stuff. For now, You need to TRY learn it all small by small. if you’re really really new in this role dev Learn the Basics

, if you take my advices, I’m sure you will be able to fix this issue.

But now, PLEASE learn the basics and understand them.

brooo i dont want do some small usless things

okay do whatever you want -_-
devforum is to help each other not to give free scripts and learn you scripting

If youre not bothered learning small things, you will get no where, and end up with usually buggy games.
So please, just learn small things first.
Trust me, you dont want to try to make a large game as your first game, i know from experience. It will usually end up as a terrible game.

However, if you want to go straight to learning DataStores (which i, and nearly everyone else here doesnt recommend) you can click here

I just made that about 2 days ago! (inspired by thy hood)

game link:

You can do this by creating a folder with a NumberValue for each of these currencies in the player, then simply check server side if the player has enough of one of the currencies to exchange it with another. You would want to use remote events to listen on the server side when the client has clicked the “drop button” and that the player has enough money to drop, if so, create a part in front of the players position.

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i think he must stop programming cause he can be nothing while he says this.

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Bro amazaing thats what i wanted to do