How to make more players see the game

Our team has previously developed and operated more than six games, with most of them performing very well. Currently, we are running the game “Power Fighting Simulator.” The game link [UPD3]Power Fighting Simulator - Roblox

The game has been live for over a month, and based on our experience with developing games in the past, the stats for this game has reached a commendable level, deserving reasonable support and assistance from the platform in acquiring new users. However, since the launch of our game, the traffic coming from the home page has remained extremely low, leading to dismal metrics like DAU and CCU.

We believe that this outcome deviates from the platform’s initial intention of strongly supporting quality games and harms our legitimate interests as developers. Therefore, we hope that the platform can provide a reasonable explanation for this situation.

the numbers are really high, but, if you see the games that shows up, they have a certain category, like horror, and they have MILLIONS OR BILLIONS of visits, likes and players, or they already had it, other point that, they have partner, ads, groups, and much other things.