How to make music play while it sounding like its surrounding the build?

  • I’m wanting the music to sound like its playing a “surround sound” song.
  • I have no clue how and have seen it before…
  • Asked a friend who does this - has no clue.

If you could help me play many songs and each one sounding like a “surround sound” that would be great!

For example, look up a popular song in 8D audio… Somewhat what I’m looking for.

Change the AmbientReverb property of SoundService. Make sure RespectFilteringEnabled is ticked to true though.

Well, would that work with Cindering’s music system?

I’m unaware of his music system.

Do you know of any music systems?

No not really. It also depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your system.

Then how would I add music to my game? Like many sounds that would repeat?

You simply add a Sound object to a part where you want the sound to emit from and then it will play from that point in the game.

Wait what setting should I put the ambientreverb at?

Wait, when you mean surround, you mean like, moving around the user not just static with an echo like you’re in an auditorium?

Yeah. Like it sounds like it’s coming from radios not just “somewhere”.

Try Searching. The Roblox Developer site has many helpful pages of tutorials and information:

You could just put the sound in a radio object. That isn’t the surround sound I thought you were talking about. That’s just sound emitters when you put a sound object in a part.