How to make music search

i would be using this > Catalog APIs

i think this url is what i would use

im not sure how to even begin. I dont understand how the code should even start and how the items would be returned and how i could go through them and put them in a scrolling frame

thanks for any help✌️

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Well first you can’t use the Roblxo API directly like that, so you would have to use

So first you’re frame should have a UIListLayout so the items are listed and the code should go like this:

local HTTPService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local url = "" -- url but with the proxy
local result = HTTPService:GetAsync(url) -- get the returned table

-- then here you could make a loop to make a button for each result
-- where you could set result[i].Name as the button.Name and add an attribute 
-- with button:setAttribute("id", result[i].AssetId)

Hope this helped!