How to make muzzle flash like arsenal?

i don’t even know if that is a decal particle or neon parts
anyone know how to do it? and it appear to everyone in the server too

I am not 100% sure, but I think they might be using Beams to accomplish that effect.

I have never scripted guns before, so I wouldn’t be able to help you there, but at least I can tell you how they are probably making up that effect.


Yep like what @MatkeFTW said they use a part with attachments inside and a beam connecting those attachments.

You can see how it works by using a gun kit like FE Gun kit where they have a folder of all possible bullets to use, I believe the main pistol fires this one. If it’s not satisfactory for you then there should be plenty of others like ACS or carbon engine.

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oh thank you! i will try to do that

There’s a model called “Muzzle Flash” in the toolbox, I forgot what it uses but may be helpful.

No that’s trail

it applies with my custom bullet