How to make my character not tilted from welding?

The issue:

I’m working on a grab player script which welds the player to your hand. However sometimes you can become tilted like in the GIF, and it would hinder your movement.

Here’s the code if it helps

local function grabWeld(part1, part0, weldname, c1, c0) --The welding function
local Weld ="Weld")
Weld.Part1 = part1
Weld.Part0 = part0
Weld.C1 = c1
Weld.C0 = c0
Weld.Parent = part0
Weld.Name = weldname
return Weld

grabWeld(hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart"), hand, "GrabWeld",,0,-0.75) * CFrame.Angles(80,0,0),

Is there a problem with C0 or C1?

Neither the C0 or C1, looks more like a humanoid exerting force to stand up issue, did you make sure to ragdoll or set to platform stand the grabbed person?

Gonna try that and let you know if the problem still persists.

Didn’t work. I set the grabbed person’s ragdoll and platformstand statetypes to true yet it still makes me tilted.

Humanoids are really weird, especially for NPCs where players can take network ownership over them by being too close and this messes up with the state types before I’ve tried personally disabling ragdoll but they still get ragdolls for some reason client and server

Too ensure they are physicsless other than state types, make them sit down with the bool option.

Otherwise idk.


Alright, this worked. I made them platformstand with the bool option because if they sit they can jump. Thanks for the help!