How to make my game in the first results?

So I have a game, called “Glove Fight”, but when I type “Glove Fight” in the search bar for experiences, my game is one of the last.

How could I make my game in the first results when typing the game’s name?

The game:

When I type Glove Fight in the search bar:

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Roblox relies on 3 things when showing search results:
1- Description keywords (those tags you see at the end of some game descriptions, yeah that helps their game be seen more often)
2- Game popularity (active players…)
3- like to dislike ratio (i think)

So if you want your game to be on the top of the search page, you need to have basically a good amount in these 3 requirements.

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I literraly typed the game’s name…

I don’t often have active players, it’s often my friends who are playing and then the friends of my friends join etc…

My game have 75% likes.

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I think the main problem is just that there are other games with the same keywords as yours that fit the 2nd requirement better. You can maybe try renaming your game to make it be more unique and avoid having other unrelated games show up.

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No I don’t see others games named “Glove Fight”, but the first game in the results when typing Glove Fight, it’s “Slap Battles: Killstreak”, another Slap Battles fangame. Most of the games in the results are Slap Battles’ fangames.

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When you search “Glove Fight”, Roblox will not really search up “Glove Fight”, rather “Glove” and “Fight”. So it’s gonna look for fighting games and/or games with gloves.

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