How to make my model looks like a screen like with grain/static effect and light

I’m trying to achieve something like this:
This is my model:

It really looks like an image, rather than a train board, I want it to make more look realistic, with lights and grain/static/noise effect


Try more brightness, more grain and static.

Maybe you can add the grain effect to the image through a photo editing software and lower the transparency?

hOW TO do It?
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You can use photoshop or photopea (free equivalent) then re upload the image to roblox

can you give me a example grain effect photo?

you could use rich text to modify the text and then an image overlay.
this is the more solid state yet more custom-looking way to do it.

you kinda can’t, it’s usually a filter or just a lower-quality photo, therefore making it completely different in some photos and alike in others.

make a beam, make it big, get some static image, make it move really fast

you can use just about any texture, just up the texture length a lot
for instance, this is a police tape thing that I made

when stretched it looks like this

then up the speed and it’ll look like this

i imagine this is what you want for your use case

video quality may be a bit crunchy, but play with the settings

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beam example.rbxm (4.7 KB)
have this example

i would make it a model, but roblox is having issues right now