How to make my mountains sharper (perlin noise)

currently i have a terrain generator that will check every unit for each axis, the only issue with my generation is that it makes my mountains look very dull. i’m aware that ridged noise exists i just don’t understand how it works because all the websites i’ve been to only talk about making noise ridged if you use noise like this and getting the height:

math.noise(x, z, seed)

my z axis is the seed, and i use the x, and y for the other input so my map generates natural overhangs:

math.noise(x, y, z)

i specifically use 3 loops for 3 dimensions. here’s what it currently looks like:

here’s what i want to achieve with some type of ridged noise:


here’s my code:

for x = -sizexz, sizexz do
	for y = -sizey, sizey do
		for z = -sizexz, sizexz do
			local base = math.noise(x / 100, y / 100, z / 100) + (y / 50)
			local fractal = math.noise(x / 50, y / 50, z / 50) * 0.7
			if base + fractal < 0 then
				blocks[, y, z)] = true

i havent touched noise in a bit but if im correct you just decrease the amount you divide by on all the x y and z cords