How to make name show up in custom rig?

My game has a custom rig and it resembles everyday objects. Because of this, I cannot add things like “right arm”, “torso”, “head” etc. I was wondering how can you make the name of a player show up like in a default game. Currently, no one knows who is who because, for some reason, the default Roblox overhead player name has disappeared. How can I make this reappear with a custom rig?

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The obvious solution is you could just make your own custom tags, but the other solution is just to edit the default script and make it fit your rigs.

You can use a billboard gui above them to show the names

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Two options.

  1. Insert a Humanoid into your rig, and add a part named Head where you want the name to be.
  2. Use a completely custom name tag using BillboardGuis.

Where is the default script? …

When you play the game in studio I believe it’s called “Health” in the player character. Its the healthbar. You replace it by putting it in startercharacterscripts