How to make non clunky grenade tossing on mobile?


I am new to developing for mobile. Currently I am working on creating a simple grenade/bomb toss. I like the interface that PUBG mobile has and i want to replicated it.

this video shows what i got so far. I got mobile shift lock and the bomb is aimed towards the red square on the screen however this is not very accurate for some reason nor is it flexible.

I am not really sure how to go about it. Currently I am using ScreenPointToRay to aim, that is what the red square represents. If someone has a better solution please share it with me.

Thanks for your time

I would start learning Network Ownership, or using RemoteEvents to replicate a bomb to all clients

sorry but that is completely irrelevant to my question. I am interested in the user input side of things. Making it smooth and actually playable for mobile players

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Ah, then I think ContextActionService is your best bet as it can handle different devices more than UserInputService.

The accuracy looks just like a problem I had before, my problem was I was setting velocity player.position + mouse.origin.lookvector but later realized it required local coordinates so the player.position was unnecessary and causing the problem, try to pay attention when something like velocity or raycasts, uses local coordinates or other things like body forces use world coordinates