How to make object weld to hand when you're joining the game

If i was joining the game i want these to stick in my hand

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assuming these are tools

read this

This is not a tool, but it kind of looks like one.
It’s a model, and I want it to stick in my hand.

actually screw that
put the model in startercharacterscripts
add a weldconstraint inside startercharacterscripts

inside the weldconstraint add a script:

script.Parent.Part0 = script.Parent.Parent.Model.Handle --replace Model.Handle with part sticking to hand
script.Parent.Part1 = script.Parent.Parent["Hand"] --RightHand or LeftHand
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Should I use Weld or Motor6D???



Don’t use WeldConstraint. It will break if your game uses teleports. Instead, use Weld.

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