How to make one global Datastore + Rendering issue

Hello fellow devs,
ive finally gave up on doing everything myself and now I need your help lol
Firstly, I have some scripts which are using MANY different datastores. I know that this creates lag and I want to prevent this… but I dont want to move like 7 scripts into one script in order to make one global datastore for every data to be saved.
Question1: is there a way to access a datastore and save items on this datastore on different scripts? Like creating the datastore on one script and then accessing this datastore on another script. The problem could be that the data that has been saved is unknown since the order it has been saved is unkown.

Question2: the game has a cutscene starter menu with a moving camera. Problem: players with low graphic settings dont see anything of the workspace since it does not get rendered. This is because the player is very far away from the camera. Is there a way to render from the position of the moving camera (cframe of a part) so that every player sees the actual workspace?

sincerely :wink: