How to make Overhead GUI visible to other player except you?

Basically, tutorials on youtube shows only how to make Overhead GUI. I already made a working overhead GUI from this video.

I wanted to make this GUI only visible to other players. So you can’t see the Overhead GUI while the other player can see yours so it wouldn’t get in the way.

just make a local script that turns visibility off on yours

Yeah I kinda need some more specifications on that. As in what kind of function do I use for this and that etc etc

just make a script that uses a WaitForChild, then put the child’s name, then do .Visible (or .Enabled if you are working with billboardgui) = false

Simple. When you create the Billboard Gui when the Player joins the game. Add the player to the “PlayerToHideFrom” attribute in the billboard gui (Not the name of the Player, the actual Instance.)



Here’s an example of what to do, just add this line and you’ll be all good!

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