How to make "Papers Please" Admission booth script

I have always wanted to know how those ‘Papers, Please’ RP games create systems where the papers disappear from the player’s hand, and the GUI spawns in the Admission Table.
Is there any tutorial about it?
I know it’s a complicated question and can’t be replied to with just one paragraph, but if there is a tutorial or the system has a name that I can search, I would appreciate it if anyone told me

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It’s a mix of the following:

  • You utilise local and server side scripts, if you’re talking about those role play games.
  • You can use billboard guis to accomplish the goal of having buttons, but I genuinely recommend learning how they work first.
  • You can utilise camera & cframe for that in office look.
  • You can also use OOP if you intend for those npc citizens

It’s not as complicated as one may think, you just need some foundational knowledge about CFrames, guis, and server-client

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