How to make part spawn infrount of the player

I am having trouble where when I spawn the part at the players humanoid root part cframe it does not rotate.

It does this:

But no matter what I always want it in front like this:

Heres the code for it:

local E1Clone = E1:Clone()
	local E2Clone = E2:Clone()
	local E3Clone = E3:Clone()
	local E4Clone = E4:Clone()
	-- Clone Propersties --
	E1Clone:SetAttribute("Owner", player.Name)
	E1Clone.Parent = workspace
	E2Clone.Parent = workspace
	E3Clone.Parent = workspace
	E4Clone.Parent = workspace
	E1Clone.CFrame = HumanoidRP.CFrame
	E2Clone.CFrame = HumanoidRP.CFrame
	E3Clone.CFrame = HumanoidRP.CFrame
	E4Clone.CFrame = HumanoidRP.CFrame

I think you just need to orientate it properly

E1Clone.CFrame = HumanoidRP.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(180), 0)

try to fiddle with cframe angles.

To make it always spawn in front of the character, were going to use CFrame.LookVector

E1Clone.Position = HumanoidRP.Position + HumanoidRP.CFrame.LookVector * 5 -- How far away from the character

Thank you so much all I had to do was change the 180 to 90 and it worked perfectly

hey for some reason this spawns the part in an almost random position


I wasn’t looking there

Are these parts anchored and cancollide?

They are anchored but cancollide has to be off

Are these parts welded together or is it a union in one?


Can you find where the one part thats floating is in the union?

You probably meant HumanoidRP.CFrame.LookVector * 5 instead.