How to make part terrain?

How do I make terrain using parts? I don’t really like normal terrain so I use parts instead but its kinda tough. Any tips? Thanks :hidere:


My personal choice: Atrazine's Terrain Plugin V2 - Roblox


Its cool but way too complex for me xddd

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Click Terrain:

Click the + icon under Nodes:

Place some nodes by clicking ( you should use the move tool to raise these up if on a flat surface. )

Hit the + icon under Triangles:

Click three nodes which you would like a triangle to appear within:


Once that third node is clicked, the triangle will automatically generate. ( again, if you cant see it,
its probably down inside whatever surface you are clicking on )

You can also use the move tool on the nodes when the triangles have already been created, which will adjust the existing connected triangles.