How to make particles face any direction

I am trying to design a comet, from which flakes appear and slowly disappear.

However, all the flakes face the camera, which creates an unrealistic look
How do I make them face any random direction? I already tried the FaceWorldUp setting, and it does not help me.

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Inside the ParticleEmitter, go to Orientation > VelocityParrallel or VelocityPerpendicular

They become invisible when I use either setting.

Maybe share a .rbxl file …

Or what all the setting are…

comet lookin ahh.rbxm (48.4 KB)

umm, do you want the particles to look like squares ? or what about a different particle?

also the particles should prob also have a movement that is in the directions that the commit is moving… like they should not just be floating not moving, because they would have velocity

I want the particles to be squares which face any random direction and rotate in any random direction.
However, I do not want them to move. If I did, I could code that in easily.

also a few things, unless you want squares…

I turned yours off, then in the Tools market , searched images , for ‘star transparent’ to get an images that looks like a spark or star, but has as transparent background…

I then added 4 different image ids of them, did a color sequence on one of them to add some color and color changing…

then on all of them I thought the size could be bigger at first and then then get smaller to add a shrinking to them … which then gives it a shrinking tail effect instead of a box like shape, when the commit is moving

then I set the transparency from big to small so they would fade

(put in correct tans setting)

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oh… well if you want them to face a different direction, they are flat images, and the player will not always see them

That’s ok, considering that there are many which will spawn, and the comet moves really fast to the players perspective.

maybe you can do a velocity parallel or perpendicular and then spin the parent part?

That makes all the particles face the same direction.
As far as I know, what I am trying to achieve might not be possible without creating a lot of ParticleEmitters into the comet, and then rotating a bunch of attachments to which each particleemitter is parented to.

This is what I was playing with… took longer to script it…

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That’s exactly what I’m going for. As you can see, the flakes all face different directions instead of straight toward the camera.

This is also this resource that has an open place, and one of them has an example where the particle follow the player… I was also going to see if it could follow a model which I assume it could… maybe it has more tunable features.

The are still set to facecamera, it might look that way, because the size is shrinking as time goes and the transparency … plus they are not squares so you do not notice them being flat as much

Did you use Squash at all? that could give a fake perspective.

or maybe they are rotating… and its an illusion or something, plus I am off angle ,not looking from the player straight…

squash is the same setting as urs

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