How to make part/model move you along with it

So I’ve been working on moving objects and models, and I have that part down. What I’m stuck on is actually having you move with the platform. Currently, when you stand on a platform while its moving, you don’t move with it you just stay in place while it keeps on moving. I figured this would be a simple thing to do but I have found no tutorials on this on YouTube so I came here.

Are you talking about a conveyer?

No I’m talking about a moving platform like something that would be in an obby. I want it where you move with the platform instead of the platform moving and you staying stationary.

If you stand on a conveyer, you move with it as well.

Yes, but I don’t mean a conveyor that’s completely different.

The platforms that move you along are literally conveyers. Conveyers move the player, but you said it is like that but it is not. I am assuming you think I am talking about those conveyers in those Tycoons, but if you stand on them in game they move you along as well.

If not, then I don’t really know.

I dont really get the text but, maybe use a OnTouched function. Make it local based so it will only move the player who stands on it.

I think he means a part that’s moving itself from point A to point B using tweening or some other method.


I once came across a similar problem when making a game.

Your first option is to tween the object’s position to a certain position. This is not very functional. Your second (and probably the easiest) method to do this is to use a BodyForce / BodyVelocity / BodyPosition to move the Object from A to B. I have found that these are great for moving platforms.

The final, and perhaps the least elegant and most complicated of the three, is to check locally when a player is on a platform by raycasting from their feet, and then proceeding to update their character’s X and Z positions based on the change in position of the platform. Personally, I found that raycasting was unreliable when I did this, so opted for a slightly larger bounding box around the platform which is invisible, and non collidable. I then, I believe used :GetTouchingParts() on the invisible bounding box and checked if the player was on it. If they were, I moved them along. If they weren’t, I didn’t.

In conclusion, you want to look in to setting up a simple sequence with some sort of AlignPosition Constraint or a BodyMover. This is not only the most intuitive solution to this problem, but also the most elegant.

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if i understand your question to correctly, i would recommend taking a look a this great resource if you haven’t already: