How to make party chat channels

What is the best way to make a party chat channel?
I’ll give some context. I’m making a game and in the game players can create a party and invite up to 3 other users in this party. Features include kicking party members and leaving the party along with not being able to deal damage to party members. If the party leader leaves, the party is destroyed.

Another feature I want to implement is a channel in the chat that only members of that party can see and access. I think this would make for a great social & gameplay aspect. However I don’t know how to achieve something like this, how would I go about implementing/creating something like this using Roblox’s new chat system?

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I am not asking for a copy & pasted script, I want to know the process of possibly implementing something like this.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Create a chat channel for the party members: You will need to create a separate chat channel for the party members. This can be done using Roblox’s new chat system. The party leader can invite party members to this chat channel.
  1. Implement chat permissions: You will need to implement chat permissions to ensure that only party members can access the party chat channel. This can be done by checking the player’s party membership when they try to access the chat channel.
  1. Implement chat functionality: You will need to implement the chat functionality, such as sending and receiving messages, displaying the chat history, and filtering out messages that are not relevant to the party members.
  1. Implement party management functionality: You will need to implement party management functionality, such as kicking party members and leaving the party. You should also implement functionality to destroy the party if the party leader leaves.
  1. Test and iterate: Test the party chat channel thoroughly to ensure that it is working as expected. You may need to iterate on the design and functionality based on feedback from your players.

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