How to make perfect roads?

As turns out I cannot figure out what’s best way to make roads, I would like to achieve this type of roads, like in Jailbreak. Which I have example below.

I tried many plugins but none of them worked, so I have question what’s the best way to make roads, for example like this?

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I would say unions. I use unions for very curved, sharp turned roads. But unions are hard to use, so in any case, regular models are better.

I know how to make a straight roads, but not curved like this one.

Looking at this image, you can see it technically isn’t curved. It is segmented with straight parts that are rotated to achieve what looks like a curve. If you want to be able to manipulate curves in this fashion, then I’d recommend stitching together straight parts to form what looks like a curve. similar as to how an octagon looks more like a circle than a square.

Alternatively you could try to use cylinders if you really want a smoother curve. But that would mean you have to not only measure out how big or small the curve would be, but also negate and union more pieces to suit your looks.

TL;DR Use small segments and turn them slightly as you move along to achieve what looks like a curve.

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Is there any way to make roads quick, I have huge map and my self, so its’ really hard to make an roads for hours just for few blocks tho.

Alternatively you could try searching for plugins that do this on a more micro level.

I found these:

I haven’t tested it myself but it may make this process alot faster with less jagged parts.


Sorry for another reply but I just found one that might work great for roads.

The only issue i see is that it was last updated in 2017


i wish there was plugin for making roads, that actually worked effectively

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These roads are a lot more complicated than they look and I haven’t been able to pull them off properly in the game I’m currently making.

The roads both curve very smoothly while ascending uphill. Archimedes plug-in is a great way to make curves and slopes but making curved slopes as shown in the picture I haven’t been able to do.

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I haven’t seen any plugins that are able to deal with curved roads ascending and descending.

Only workaround is to manually build the roads like I suggest before (which takes ages). Or to make your own plugin but that might be even tougher :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there @Daw588

Well, there are two methods:

[1] Manually make a road segment and make the road segment and adjust the size so it is a bit thin, probably thin as 4 studs. Next, duplicate it and rotate it 3 degrees a few times and you should be able to get a perfect road

[2] Use this plugin:

Hope it helps :slight_smile: