How to make Pets in Blender

Hello, today I will be showing you how to make Pets in Blender! This is an excellent way to boost your simulator and much more! Let’s get started!

Click here to get the tutorial!

Here are all the hotkeys that I use
Shift + A | Add a part
Shift + D | Duplicate
G | To move objects
S | To scale
I | Create another face
E | Extrude
A | Select everything
X | Delete
Ctrl - R | Make a loop cut
F | Fill
U | UV unwrap
alt + left click | Select a circle of vertices/edges/faces
Command | To zoom in and out (ctrl depending if you are on mac or windows)
Shift | To pan around
Click x, y, or z to lock the object to an axis while duplicating, grabbing, or scaling an object.


can you please show a video of you making it? and how do i add colors to it?

You click on the “Here” button to get to the video. Here
But here’s the URL: How to make pets in ROBLOX for beginners | Blender - YouTube