How to make physics like evade

I want to make a physic system like Evade on roblox here is the game Evade.
Here is a reference of what I want to make

I could not find any tutorials on how to make physics like these.


What do you mean by physics?

The acceleration when running, the animations, I need something more specific here.

Like the low gravity when he goes to a ramp and runs up it.

just set the gravity locally? (characters)

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What do you mean by set the gravity locally?

The low quality can easily be set in Workspace. The genuine reason why it feels smooth is because of the view bobbing, FOV changes and all that realistic touches, if that’s what you’re talking about.

In a localscript, set the gravity. Activate the localscript by firing a remotevent when the ramp is touched.

You can set the global gravity though.

You can change the workspace gravity to achieve the gravity from the ramp.

What do you mean by the low quality in workspace?

I thought they just meant they wanted the gravity when you go up the ramp, if this isnt the case they can just set the whole games gravity.

Im pretty sure that they meant to say low gravity

Gravity, not quality.

Just go to workspace in the Explorer then find the gravity property. The regular value is set to 196.2.

If I jumped wouldn’t I be floating very long?

Here’s an example if I jump with low gravity.

This isnt what you want? In the video they float quite a bit after they jump

You can set the gravity to be higher so it wont do that.

If they go up a slanted surface, but if they jump they wouldn’t go up that high.

Not to be offensive, but this is an extremely simple thing to do.

In your Roblox Studio, go to workspace and find the Gravity property.

What should I change the gravity too?