How to make player animations steady?

I made a flashlight which is welded onto the players hand (Im gonna add an actual mesh later) however when I move the flashlight shakes way too much because of the animations. How would I make it so the hand doesn’t move as much? I know its cause of the animations cause once I disabled it, the flashlight was steady.


I have a feeling you might need to animate the torso along with the arm holding the flashlight. Maybe try making the torso static the whole way through.
If it doesn’t work I think you might have to make a whole new walking animation.

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I think the best solution is to animate the entire upperbody of the flashlight holding anim, to keep it steady while walking, or also making a smoother walking/running anim that doesnt bob too much, but I think the first choice would be easier.

(Upper body as in Uppertorso, Head, entire right arm.)
But animate till it looks good !

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