How to make player levitate (but also be able to move)

what i’m trying to accomplish is making the player slowly float upwards, and while my code works
it doesn’t let the player move while in the air so i’m just wondering if there’s any way to do that

local vl ="LinearVelocity",char.PrimaryPart)
local at ="Attachment",char.PrimaryPart) 
vl.VelocityConstraintMode = Enum.VelocityConstraintMode.Vector
vl.MaxForce = math.huge
vl.Attachment0 = at
vl.VectorVelocity =,10,0)
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Read Parallel

Maximum force along each axis that the constraint can apply to achieve the target velocity. Only used if ForceLimitsEnabled is true, ForceLimitMode is PerAxis, and VelocityConstraintMode is Vector. The axes used to apply the limit correspond to the RelativeTo property.

Use the settings above on your LinearVelocity, then set the MaxAxesForce to be really high (math.huge probably) on the upwards axis and zero on the other axes.

That causes it to only apply force in the upwards direction, meaning it doesn’t override the character’s movement.

thank you so much! works flawlessly

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