How to make players avatar a killer?

I’m currently in the process of making a survivor vs killer game which is round based. Every round, a player in the server is randomly selected to be the killer. The player will “morph” into a premade character I have made, and will have abilities to kill other players.
The thing is, I don’t know how to morph them into the character. I want it to be like how if you were put a rig with the name “StarterCharacter” in StarterPlayer, as you spawn in with that rig instead of your normal avatar.
I’ve tried searching for a solution, but to my knowledge, there aren’t any posts that helps my problem.
I am somewhat new to this scripting. I’ve usually done NPC killers and such, but player killers are especially new to me.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


To morph a player into a rig/character simply replace the chosen players character with the rig :slightly_smiling_face:


local MyRig = "Path to rig"

local Plr = "Chosen Player"

Plr.Character = MyRig
MyRig.Parent = workspace

Great. This works. Thank you. One issue though. The camera is still stuck in place where the player was before they transformed. Would I have to change their camerasubject then from a localscript?

You can use huamnoid description.

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Right. Thank you. It works great now.

for _, AngelPlayer in ipairs(teams["THE ANGEL"]:GetPlayers()) do
		local AngelAvatar = AngelSkins.Fallen:Clone()
		AngelAvatar.Parent = game.workspace.TheAngel
		AngelAvatar.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = currentmap:FindFirstChild(chosenmap.Value).AngelSpawn.CFrame
		AngelPlayer.Character = AngelAvatar

So I would now just have to reset the Killer to bring them back to their normal avatar! Thanks!

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