How to make players cannot do thing with displayname?

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. I want to name player’s ‘username’ appear on chatting and leaderboard and character. not displayname

  2. How do it make it?

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For the name above the link player you just have for to write a simple script along the lines of:

local function ChangeDisplayName(player)
		local hum = char:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
		hum.DisplayName = player.Name


(note this must be a server script)

Ok so for the chat issue as far as I am concerned it is impossible to remove display names, however making a custom chat is an option other than that there is no other way that I am aware of.

how about chatting and leaderboard

The only way to use chat is a custom chat, and the only way for leaderboard is a custom leaderboard. I can send over some tutorial videos explaining how to make those items or model links.

then can you let me know how to make custom chat/leaderboard

Here are some tutorial videos:

leaderboard: Roblox Studio | Scripting | PlayerList - YouTube

Chat: How to Make a CUSTOM CHAT | HowToRoblox - YouTube

I think you cannot fully disable display names because of some core gui elements. The best you can do right now to make a custom chat.

To remove Display Names from chat, Enter The game from studio & Copy ClientChatModules
Stop the game Instance and paste ClientChatModules In “Chat”, Open the script In ClientChatModules named ChatSettings look for module.PlayerDisplayNamesEnabled set It to false, Your done

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