How to make products in shop to center

Hello, I just want to know how to put my products into center of scrolling frame properly. My shop look like this:

but I want space before first line too like it is here:

Not sure what you mean? Your items do seem centered to me. Can you be more specific?

Just move the frame with the grid layout more to the right leaving some space to the left and add buttons there.

My items are centered but I just need space also before first line because now there is no space:

Apologies if I have misunderstood what you are trying to explain. I believe you mean the first row of your products and the images above them have no space.

For this, you should simply grab the ScrollingFrame, or whatever they are parented to and move this down.

If this leaves a gap because you have nothing under the scrolling frame then I would suggest putting a normal frame as the background and putting the scrolling frame as a child of that frame so you have freedom of sizing. Hope this was of help friend!

You can just simple move the GridLayout, I also recommend adding a UIAspectRatio in your image labels so that they scale correctly.