How to make professional pet display

hello devs, what I basically mean is how do I make my pet screenshot look like this.

Screenshot 2022-02-14 175717
You could see there is no background.

when I try to make it look like there is a background. How do I make it look like pet sim X. You could see there is an orange background is there a way to render the pet without having a background. Because I want only the pet to show

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Open photoshop or paint. net or an editing art software / graphics software and remove the background images using a magic wand.
You took the pictures in a skybox so a full colour background is better.
Make them transparent and then upload them again as a decal and put the image id in the allocated desired spots.

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Nice, But this is the wrong category :frowning: Have a nice day!

Ok thank you so much I will try it

Also yes, this is the wrong category also.

Sorry my bad, I think I put it in the correct category now.