How to make props breakable? (eg Street Lights)

Hey guys, I’m really confused about how to make certain props breakable, for example a street light or a small tree.

My current method is just using pure physics, so a street light is just standing there unanchored (and welded to it’s other parts ofc), then you just hit it with a car at a decent speed and it falls down (I made it heavy enough to only break on car collision). However this method seems not to be so good.

Whenever I hit a light pole it breaks normally, then less than a second later teleports back to it’s original place before hit and falls again but by that point it’s inside of my car.

I am currently relying on the Player.SimulationRadius property, and I also made sure that the parts’ network ownership is automatic, however it still does this weird teleportation thing.

Does anyone know a better method of making objects breakable? If so then please share it, thank you!