How to make Quest system with Questlines from npc?

Hello Developers!

I want to make a game with quest and i want to make quest system like in Bee Swarm Simulator. With Questlines from npc’s
I have some ideas but i don’t know how to make it.


  • I have an idea to make dialog gui with npc and then in my inventory will be added folder with quest and main script (i think i will make folders for all quest and put it into certain folder and script will copy and past it in player’s inventory) will take an template and replace it for a quest, but i have some problems because i don’t know how to make what script will add more lines for tasks if quest big (i mean look at quest ‘‘Fruits’’ he have 2 tasks, but second one have 3 lines and i don’t know how to make what script will add more lines.

  • Second problem that i have is i don’t know how to make questline for example: i will make first quest from npc and how to make what he will give me second one? I think maybe do something with module script and type all quests for questline but again i don’t know how to make what script will know which quest from module will be next.

Sorry if there problems in text. I don’t know English well

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May I suggest you try using your favourite browser and use this search
roblox dialog system
This should give you some more in formation that may be useful.


sombody just made a tutorial for that:

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