How to make ragdolling + knockback smooth? (preferably for npcs)

i have a problem where the npcs/ players slightly freeze when i ragdoll them/ragdoll + assemblylinearvelocity for knockbacks, im using the r6 ragdoll plug and play and was wondering if theres any way to make them smoother, as seen in combat initiation or the strongest battlegrounds. i tried parenting the constraints to the root part instead of the torso but its not making a noticeable difference. any help is appreciated!

hey what’s up! i get you, ragdolls can be very confusing and tedious, especially with npc’s. i’ve been thinking about making a community resource because there’s almost nothing about making a seamless npc ragdoll because i’m guessing it would be nearly impossible for it to be replicated to the server and clients in the same position smoothly. really it depends on what you need the npc ragdoll for. will it be dismissed / killed and the npc won’t recover, and the player can’t interact with the body and it’s just for visual effects? if so, i would recommend sending a remote event to all clients of the npc model, then deleting it on the server. then you can clone the npc, and have it ragdoll on the client. this should make it seamless, but it’s position very likely won’t be the same for everyone. otherwise, you’ll have to have some pretty serious network ownership, and that’s a bunch a crap and really hard but if you’d like that just let me know and i can tell you how, otherwise i won’t bore you with the details. i hope this helps!

i figured it out eventually, the ragdolls arent seamless but they only slightly freeze when the force is applied (just for a few frames) and then go on as normal, i dont know how it would work with ownership because my game is pretty much all about npcs, so i dont want them to be moved by exploiters. i dont needany help right now and the ragdolls are fine the way they are right now. i wish there was a better solution…

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