How to make rain?

Hello i dont know if this the right topic or not but anyways i wanna make rain for my game i dont really know how to script (please recommend me some tutorials or something) so yeah i wanna know how to make rain that doesnt go through objects.

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We’ll, there are some plugins that can change weather, if you’re looking for just rain I’d suggest this one.


Does the rain not go through parts and is it safe?

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I don’t believe it goes through parts, but if I’m wrong I’m wrong :man_shrugging: all I know is that it works if you’re looking for nice customizable rain. (Like I’ve previously said, I’d suggest you use it)

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That plugin is safe. It’s made by buildthomas, a DevForum Sage, Top Contributor, and Editor.

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To make a rain script, i’d use loops and raycasting, running in a localscript.

How is works is that you are going to apply how many raindrops it would drop, then you run a runservice loop or a while loop, after that use raycasting. Raycasting is basically sending an invisible ray from the origin and goes to a specific direction. If it touches a part then detect the rayhit by RaycastResult.Position. Then you can start CFraming the rain from the cloud to the hitPosition, and setting the particle on the raycastresult’s position.

I am certain to know this would lag but there are some optimization to this.

  • Send as little as you can while maintaining your preferrable look
  • Cancollide and Castshadow to false
  • Make it anchored

Omg thank you literally the thing i was looking for!

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