How to make ranking commands ingame?

Hi guys! So I’m a very bad scripted, so I need some help. How can I create !promote and !demote commands for ingame use?


The Roblox API doesn’t have any features which allow for this. You would have to use a bot account to handle the promotions and demotions. The most common ones are run on discord and are coded in JavaScript or Python.


Well I’ve seen groups without using discord use the commands.

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Still thise uses BOTS, as topdog_alpha said you CANT DO this without bots…

I said that they are most commonly run using discord bots not that they have to use them.
To make a ranking bot you need to have knowledge of offsite programming and creating a bot account.

Of course using bot, so there isn’t anyway to use the commands without discord?

Yes but you still need a bot.
And using HTTPSService and using an Api trello or something like that, discord is easier tho

Yes of course. You would have to host a bot using a hosting service and you would have to utilise HTTP service to connect to the bot to handle the ranking

I don’t mean to bump this but use QBot Ranking.
search it up on dev forums its good!

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