How to make Realistic Fog Help

I know fog is a little bit crappy (no offense Roblox), but I’m looking to make a realistic and good fog, better than what I have right now :expressionless: I need to know how to make a super realistic fog, that looks nice and easy to make… I don’t really know how to do particles, and they are a bit hard, I know… so I just need a little bit of help.


If you need more details on what I have have for the fog, or anything else, please tell me.

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What do you mean by realistic though?
Do you have a visual example of what constitutes as “realistic”?

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If you’re referring to how only certain blocks on the bottom are ‘foggy’, just make a large baseplate underneath so it’s not as dramatic and blends better.

Oh yea yeah, Ok, so I want to make it… more, “realistic” in the meaning of, something like this.

, as you already know roblox’s fog only detects an object and puts… some “fog” on top of it, but I want to cover the skybox and make it look more dynamic, a surrounding not a fog that sticks to surfaces… Idk if you get me.


This would be nearly impossible to reproduce without using a lot of particle emitters or scripting.

However, you could tackle this for background scenery using layers.
What I mean by layers, is that you can use a smoke texture, upscale or duplicate it, and place it behind a set of trees. Next, place trees behind the fog you created and repeat the process.

This method would be the closest to what you desire, although it might cause some z-index issues with texture rendering.
Sadly, roblox’s rendering (strangely enough), still does not support overlapping textures.

**A bit more insight on the issue:**Particles are drawn above/under decals based on camera angle instead of physical position

Hope this points you a bit more into the right direction

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I just want some fog under the building, covering everything on the bottom, but putting a block or something, just… doesn’t look right.
I want a realistic, or good feeling to it.

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Something like that, but the problem is, that I don’t want any trees, I just game an example of the fog type I wanted, since… This is a building up high, I want fog on the bottom to cover everything beneath it… I want a blank piece of fog…

Would the player only view this building from top down, or would they be able to access this ground area?

Only the top, the fog will be removed after the bottom is done, is like a blanket covering the mess…

There wont be any access to the ground, what I mean.

I was able to achieve something relatively similar:
Here’s what I’m using as far as settings:
Feel free to play with the values until you get something you like. FYI- Fog isn’t going to show up where you don’t have blocks placed. In other words, if you’re looking down from that building you made, you would only be able to see fog on the blocks you placed (Why I suggested adding a baseplate).

Edit: Sorry, I should have mentioned this. I also have a skybox the same color as the fog so it blends together and creates the illusion of fog surrounding the player. Without the skybox, you would have this:


Woops, I’m sorry. Your reply with the trees completely threw me off track.

Roblox doesn’t take account of the skybox, so it doesn’t cover it up with fog.
To fix this, you have two options (I prefer option two)

  • Scale the baseplate as far as possible
  • Insert a big, inverted sphere mesh that covers your entire play area

The sphere will most likely suit your needs.

It some what works, but the problem with that, is worst in my case

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Yeah, you would have to create a skybox that matches the fog.

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Now I see, the problem with that again, is that I need the skybox to make the reflection of a city on the water that I’m making

Now the sphere part, Good job, but… It makes another feeling to it, xD

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It feels like you are surrounded of fog, I just want like clouds for example, but instead of clouds, fog!.

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I see what you mean.
This, however, is very complicated.
Roblox isn’t capable of having fog like that as of now.

Another thing you could try, is using a “cloud” mesh, making it slightly transparent, and scatter a few across the place.

I don’t think I have cloud meshes :expressionless: