How to make Realistic Fog Help

Most of the meshes look like white poop


That’s one of the most standard cloud meshes you’ll see on roblox. If you’re not satisfied with that, you’ll have to keep on looking or make one yourself.
I can assure you, however, that the mesh you’re looking at right now is fine when it comes to making clouds.
Give it a try.
Maybe play around with the “Neon” material to add a slight glow to your clouds for some mystical effects!

You sound so excited, xD, I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Don’t leave though. Ok? I’ll be watching you

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This is what I came up with… I feel like the skybox is ruining my day and helping me out at the same time.
You think there’s a way to hide the skybox but still do the same affect that it does to the reflections?

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That would be difficult.
The first thing that pops up in my mind, however, is to add a part below your map (or just use your baseplate) and insert a block mesh into it.
If you scale your part to 2048x2048 (the limit for solid parts), and set your mesh scale to 10x10, it will look as if the bottom half of your skybox is completely covered in fog, while the rest is still visible.

What the mesh basically does, is that it takes the current size of the axis you’re setting and multiplies it by whatever value you input.
Example: If your part is 2048x2048 and you set the mesh to 2x2, your part would visually be 4096x4096.

Note: Don’t remove your clouds! But maybe reduce the amount of parts you use for them instead.

If the fix above doesn’t work out for you, please consider sticking with the mesh clouds!
I think they could really work out for your build.
The only pointer I can give you is to try and use as least parts as possible for clouds. If you scale 4 up and place them in the middle and ease their transparency more towards 0, it would still look as if that area is heavily populated with clouds.
You can then place several more clouds around those clouds that are more transparent, creating this sort of “gradient” effect.


I think I F’d up…
I was doing what were you were saying then I read “Don’t remove your clouds” and I was like… shoootttttttttt… I deleted them ;-;

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Getting me a little bit confused with all of these steps, xD

A quick example I made in studio for what kind of clouds I'm talking about

This is what I came up with

and If I set 200 to the “FogEnd”, this is what I get


I used the mesh, block thing, the clouds, and the fog combined.

You actually surprised me with how good this looks.

Pat yourself on the back.


:expressionless: no…

I added 2 bigger clouds to make a connection between the baseplate and the other clouds.

Thanks dude, Didn’t know scripters were builders :wink: (jk)


Now, second problem, xD! the skybox…

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I’ve been making showcases and building for several games since 2011, mind you. :wink:

Heres a fun fix for your skybox issue:
Surround your map with a gradient!

Find yourself an inverted cylinder mesh and stick a gradient texture onto it.

The gradient texture you should be looking for

After all this is done, you might need to remove the baseplate mesh.


Btw… I think it doesn’t matter anymore, you may ask why… but now my life has no meaning

Can’t find the gradient ;-;
sadness is hitting me hard.

Here’s the ID