How to make Realistic Fog Help

Thanks you… for helping me…

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something like this?

Flip it upside down and you should have the desired effect. Scale your mesh up or down to adjust it to your likings!

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Got a little problem…

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Ok, is somewhat what I needed, even though is doing the same thing as the other, it has a hole showing the sky and hiding the city (no one wants to see 500 buildings higher than this one… that’s impossible)

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Personally i take a part and place a big mesh inside of it so it makes a large sphere. Locally weld it to a characters head and he will be encompassed by fog. Another great thing is since the fog is now rendered in all directions you have more freedom with what you want to do with it. Color, density and overall feel.

When you look at fog in real life the fog really is everywhere except within a few meters of where you are (depending on the density of course). So everything up down left and right will be fog.

Without this method:

With this method:

I can attach a file if this is what you were looking for.


Both of them really work, but I wanna see this method too…

Could you attach a file, please?

The cloud is currently located in the camera and the fog settings i use are set in the lighting properties
FogExample.rbxl (193.2 KB)

It helped me out, a little bit, but not exactly what I needed, it might help me with further projects, but not for this one. Thanks :3

I’ve found that putting giant dome mesh around a map makes fog look a little bit more realistic, and I also usually have particle emitters in the sky or in places where I want to have layers or subtle motion.

Here’s what it looks like in game (I’m doing this on my phone and this is the only good video where I used this technique so sorry it’s not that great)