How to Make Realistic Space Scenes!

Hey everyone! I’m gonna show you guys how to make some pretty cool scenes like this, all in roblox:

Step 1

You’ve probably noticed that the actual space photos don’t have any stars visible. That’s because the light of the planet/body that you’re focusing on blocks out the light due to light pollution! Hence, we should be using a pitch black skybox.

Search up “Pitch black skybox” and select whatever you please.

Step 2

In space, there’s usually only one source of light (the sun!). You’ve probably also noticed that the moon is shaped like a crescent sometimes because the dark side of it is hidden in the deep black void of space. Since there’s no other light sources to light up the dark side, it appears invisible!

Go to lighting, and set “Ambience” to (0,0,0), and “OutdoorAmbient” to (0,0,0).

Tada! Now the dark side of our brick is invisible.

Step 3

Now… time for planets! (or moons). You might be tempted to just insert a ball shaped part using the insert brick feature, but those spheres are bad in this case because:

  1. Its UV map is not fitted for regular maps
  2. Poly count is not high enough

So, here’s a high poly sphere:
high poly sphere.rbxm (43.1 KB)
Insert a planet texture similar to this:
(preferrably something without clouds and high res)
Set your chosen image to the sphere’s texture and BOOM it should display like a regular planet would
The mesh’s polar regions are a bit funky, that’s because of the nature of 3d sphere mapping. Make sure to set its material to Fabric so that sunlight doesn’t reflect off of it!

Step 4

This part is completely optional, but you can do it for extra coolness. We’re gonna add an atmosphere and some clouds!

For the atmosphere, we’re just gonna duplicate the sphere, scale it up just a teensy tiny bit, then repeat until you’re satisfied. Then, remove the textures for all of the atmosphere parts and color it whatever atmosphere color you desire.


For the clouds, we’re gonna do the same for the atmosphere section, except we’re adding these cloud textures on:

You may notice your cloud texture parts become something like this:
Completely covering the surface! Oh no!
This happens because the transparency of our clouds is 0, and we have to set it to something more transparent. What I prefer is setting the first cloud layer to 0.45 transparency, and the outer layers something like 0.85 transparency.


Step 5

Final touches!
You can add a SunRays object to the Lighting, and/or make the camera’s FOV set to something lower like 20. After that, you’re set!

If you want rings, here’s the texture for them:

Set the decal part’s transparency to 1, and have two decals, on two opposite sides. Then, set the decal part’s size to whatever you desire

Just made the cloud textures public, feel free to use them


That looks amazing! I’ll have to try this some time.


Super duper cool, thanks mate. I’ll be sure to use this for something

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this is incredible! i dont really know what to say, so here’s a thumbs up


wow, are you sure you didnt just go to space irl and take pictures?


can you please focus bit more in the lighting and post processing effects

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Of course haha

I totally dont know how to get into orbit and do a trans lunar injection hahaha

Its not much, just set outdoor ambient to 0,0,0 and ambience to 0,0,0. You can add sun rays into the lighting, and maybe turn on the ShowCelestialObjects in the skyboxes. You dont need much post processing


What about the rings? are they just decals?

Yes, they are decal parts. Read step 5 to learn how I made them. Also, because they’re decals, they also get affected by their parent planet’s shadow. So you can create some pretty realistic rings too

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Hey i tried using your tutorial but i have 2 issue: 1 the shadow is like not the same color as the background

2 how could i improve this?


Oh, simple fix.

You can set the suns position to somewhere else. For this I suggest the drag sun plugin, very helpful.

Also. I recommend tilting the rings so that it’s not angled.

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So this is how Starscape makes space to realistic! I might use this for fun later 10/10 looks like it was made in blender almost.


This will be useful for my orbit testing. Thanks!

Not sure if this is allowed but if you wanna check it out: Planet Orbiting Test - Roblox


This will be very useful for the game I’m going to work on! Thank you so much!

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How did you get that ‘curved’ effect on the planet shadows? This is what I have:
Also, why does your sphere do this when on the edge of the camera?

Firstly – What do you mean ‘curved effect’ on the shadows? My example showed a very straight line

Secondly – Make sure the size of the planet in question is uniform (AKA make it something like 50, 50, 50 instead of 30, 50, 20)

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Ok cool, my bad.

Secondly, the planet size is uniform. It looks perfectly fine when in the middle of the screen, only when on the edges, does it look wonky. Also, I LOVE the sun texture you used in the Ad Astra picture, where did you get that?

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Search up “Lens flare” in roblox studio images, make sure to check for unverified users

Then replace the sun texture with that

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